Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thanks so much...

Hi friends...just a quick post because I have to head off to work momentarily! I am so ready for the after tomorrow...YAY!! As some of you know, my DH tore his achilles tendon and had to have it surgically repaired last week. So, needless to say, he's not able to go back to work quite yet. Anyway...his boss and colleagues had an entire dinner from "Heavenly Ham" delivered to us on Monday...sooooooo yummy!! So I made this little card for him to send them just to say "thanks".

It's probably the simplest card I've made frill or frou frous! Just "masculine" and all business...sort of!! I used a delightful little Mo Manning image...this little guy doesn't have his leg in a cast, but he's looking pretty sad to be feeling under the I thought it would work.

I'm actually entering this card in Mo's Digital Pencil Challenge HERE. The theme is "Winter Wonderland"...but, seriously, this seems to be my "Winter Wonderland" reality these days. No snow in Richmond, VA yet...we won't be doing much holiday decorating this year...and thank goodness there's online shopping! hehehe!! Oh, wait...I did buy a 19" PINK Christmas I'll have to take a pic of that to show you this weekend! LOL!! See? I'm getting into the holiday spirit!!

Uh oh...gotta run. Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit...and for your very sweet comments. They really DO make my day!! Take care...stay warm...and be safe!!