Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm surrounded by talent...

Hi everyone...just a quick post as I sit here in my craftroom contemplating my next card...hmmmm...hmmmm...hmmmm <-- that's me "contemplating!! LOL!

So, seriously, I have a couple of cards I need to post...the first is a card that my sweet "baby" sister, Dee, (you've seen me mention her here a time or two!) made for my birthday last year. I am only giving you a "sample" of the card...well, it's a booklet really. Filled with glitter (arrgghh...she hadn't yet discovered Stickles glitter glue!) and macaroni and dog bones...well, take a peek. I think it's clear that talent runs in our family!! I love this card and have it prominently displayed in my craftroom for inspiration. My sister is a sweetheart...and I love her bunches! I wish we lived closer...she's in Minn. where it's frickin' frackin' freezin' most of the year...except when it's really, really hot and humid and you get eaten alive by the state bird...the MOSQUITO!! LOL!

Now, this next card is from my sweet Mountain Mama friend in NC. She doesn't have her own blog yet...but I just had to post this beautiful Copic-colored creation!! There's a bit of a story behind this card...suffice it to say, it's perfect for me! Have I mentioned that my hubby and I go to St. Martin for vacation every year? We quite enjoy the beaches!! Thank you Sandy, you're a doll and I can't wait to visit you in NC...I'm dying to spend time in that gorgeous craftroom of yours!!

OK folks, that's it for now...time for me to do some coloring! Catcha soon. Pat