Saturday, August 7, 2010


Hi friends! I hope you're having a great day...and, guess what? It's the weekend...YAY!!'s something very cool... Emma, our 11-year-old grandaughter who lives in AZ, now has an email address and she and I have been emailing each other for the past couple of days! OMG...she is the coolest kid. It's such fun to be able to communicate with her like this. I miss her so much! She's getting ready to go back to school next week...and will be in 6th grade. But, get this, brag-brag-brag!!...she's in advanced math (ugh...I'm awful at math!) and will be doing 7th grade math! YIKES!! I'm so proud of her...and so completely thrilled to have her as my grandaughter and friend! This girl ROCKS!! (I love you, Emmie!) So...I'll be back soon with a new card or two...wooo hoooo!! Catcha later...Pat

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