Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TUTORIAL: Entering challenges using a Facebook post!

Hello everyone!! I've had several requests to write a little tutorial on how to enter challenges from a Facebook page post. This works with PCs and laptops . . . but not with iPads (I have no clue how to enter a challenge with my iPad! Sorry!) (Note: I have an older version of Microsoft . . . so, if you have a newer version, I'm hoping my instructions will translate to your version!)

OK . . . here we go . . . .

  1. 1st be sure you have saved a photo of your card/project to a file on your computer. (I keep all of mine in a "Pictures" file.) And write your post on "Bronte & Bella's Clubhouse" in Facebook..
  2. Now . . . move your cursor up to the top of the page to that long link at the top. It starts out with https://
  3. Left click and the entire thing will become highlighted in blue.
  4. Right Click and you'll see a "drop down box" . . . scroll your cursor down to the word "Copy" . . . and Left Click on Copy.
  5. Minimize or leave that page and go to Mo's Challenge Blog. At the end of the current Challenge post you'll see a little blue box that says "Add Your Link" . . . place your cursor over that blue box and Left Click on that. Another page will appear!
  6. Now move your cursor to the first box that says "Link" . . . Left Click. Now immediately Right Click . . . scroll your cursor down to the word "paste" . . . Left Click. You have just pasted the "https:// etc." link that you copied from Facebook
  7. Now you'll get a message in RED. It says "Could not find any images. You can still upload your link. Here's how." DO NOT WORRY!!
  8. Now just fill in the next box down . . . the one that says "Link Title" . . . this is where you put your name!
  9. Now . . . fill in the next box down with your email address. This will not be posted publicly. . . but we need it in case we need to contact you for any reason.
  10. Keep scrolling down . . . you'll see a box on the left side that says "Upload" . . . place your cursor over that and Left Click. An Orange Box will appear that says "Click to upload a file" . . . Left Click on that box. 
  11. That should take you to your pictures file! (Are ya still with me? Great!! We're almost done!)
  12. Place the cursor over the photo of your card/project. Double Left Click on the photo . . . and VOILA! the photo will magically appear on the link page.
  13. Now . . . right below your photo, you'll see two blue boxes Select and Crop. Place your cursor over Select . . . and Left Click. Now another photo of your card will appear on that page . . . a little above and to the right.
  14. Scroll down a bit more and you'll see a big blue box that says DONE. Left Click on that.
*** In a few minutes, a thumbnail sized photo of your card/project will appear on Mo's Challenge Blog. Now . . . when the Design Team ladies click on your card, they'll be taken to your post in Facebook . . . and they'll be able to leave a comment!!

I hope this helps. If you have questions, please email me at babynurseva@aol.com and put "Challenge Question" in the subject line. Have a great one! See ya soon!!