Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Formatting digis for a "softer" or sepia-toned look

Hey everyone! I often like to have softer lines on my digis for a "no line" effect . . . and sometimes I prefer a soft "sepia-toned" look. So, I thought I'd do a little tutorial on how I do this.

Disclaimer: I am not at all computer literate . . . and there may be other, even simpler ways of doing this . . . but this is how I do it! And, trust me, it's pretty simple! Oh . . . also . . . I can only do this on a PC! I have no clue how to achieve these effects on a MAC/iPad (sorry).

For this tutorial, I used a cropped portion of Mo Manning's darling "I Dunno (Redux)" image. This process will work for any and all digital images that you have saved to your computer!! Oh . . . and this entire image is available for purchase in Mo's online store HERE. OK . . . here we go!!

  1. Locate your saved digi image in your computer picture files (or wherever you store them). 
  2. Copy your desired image to a Word document for re-sizing.
  3. Once your image is the size you want to use, position the "cursor arrow" over the image and right click. This will give you a drop down box. 
  4. Scroll down to the highlighted area that says "Format Picture" . . . left click on that. 
  5. Slide your cursor down to "Picture Color" and left click on that. Now slide your cursor arrow over to the button that says "Presets" . . . 
  6. Left click on that "Presets" button . . . and you'll get a screen that looks like this . . . 
  7. This is where the fun begins!! If you'd like to "recolor" your digi image so that it looks sort of "sepia-toned" . . . move your cursor arrow to the lower right image. When you hover over it, It will tell you that it's orange . . . but, trust me, it prints "sepia-toned"! Then simply left click. And . . . voila! Your image is now sepia-toned!! 
  8. Now simply left click on the "Close" button and proceed with saving and/or printing as you normally do!
  9. If you'd rather have your image a very light grey . . . this is nice for a "no line" effect . . . but still allows you to actually see the lines!! Go back to step number 7! Instead of left clicking on the "Orange" image . . . slide your cursor up to the top row . . . 
  10. The 4th image from the left on the top row looks almost like it's no image at all. Don't worry . . . just move your cursor arrow over that . . . it will say "Washout". Left click on that. And voila . . . your image will magically turn a very light grey
  11. Left click on the "Close" button and you can now proceed with saving and/or printing as you normally do!!
And . . . it's as easy as that!! I hope this helps!! Have fun!! See you soon! Hugs.